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Craig Martineau

I am now smart.

I was a draftee into Uncle Sam’s Army of the U.S. It was not the Regular Army. In military speak, it was AUS, not RA.

I spent 1 year 8 months and 22 days at Ft McClellan AL after my 10 weeks of Basic Training at…

How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image of Sunset on a Northern Minnesota Lake. The mosquitoes are about ready to come for your blood!

Love in the air

Love story Image: Google Image

Leaves in the full splendor of their fall colors. Image Google Images.


The boy ran through the forest, jumping over the large tree roots.

With each step, he had to watch that he didn’t crack his head on an overhanging branch.

The boy was nimble, so…

setup for a backyard BBQ

“I hear we’re having steak tonight?”

“Steak? Oh, Boy! Rare?”

“Steak Tartare”



“Better ‘n better”

“I need your muscles though.”

“To carry the ice-cold beer!”

“Can do, can do!”

“Hey, Ole.” “How’s Lena doin’?”

“You heard about that, huh?”

“Everyone has.”

“Oh, geez. She’s not gonna be happy.”

Watch the Clouds Float By

Craig Martineau

Feb 10 · 3 min read

But first!

If you happened to be sauntering around Moscow, or England or even New York you would have seen the snow moon or super snow moon or Winter Moon.

The moon is close to reaching it closest point to earth so…

ichio #480516
ichio #480516

Craig Martineau

Jun 16 · 3 min read

“Did you bring the gunpowder?”


I just listened to Senator Pat Toomey as Jake Tapper interviewed him on CNN.

Now, I am not a numbers guy and I certainly don’t qualify as an economist.

So, I will spill my guts on…

Craig Martineau

·Feb 10


31 Years Later

THE INTERCEPT credit for base story

Christopher Ketcham

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

Trump used the image of a “Hoppean snake” offering “ free helicopter rides”

This program turns the “free ride” into a fast return to earth without a chute.

Far-right extremists flash the snake on flags…

Mike Pence & Jan 6, 2021

Craig Martineau

Feb 10·2 min read


Have you been watching the Insurrection hearings?

I have been catching a few minutes here and there.

I have believed that Trump was guilty since I saw the video on that day.

Today the gross incompetence of our senators. The real heroes are…

Two Canoes on a glassy water IMAGE by Rick Rice Duluth MN

We join our 3 intrepid adventurers, Danny, Steve, and Craig on their first and only canoe trip down the St. Louis River as a trio. Did you catch that? A trio in the story that is numbered, number 3.

We’ll look to Wikipedia to put this trip in context.


Craig Martineau

Retired. I love writing about Politics & Current Events on Medium with several sites, WordPress, Substack & with a newletter, and more in development.

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