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Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.
How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image of Sunset on a Northern Minnesota Lake. The mosquitoes are about ready to come for your blood!

Love in the air

Love story Image: Google Image
Love story Image: Google Image

Leaves in the full splendor of their fall colors. Image Google Images.


The boy ran through the forest, jumping over the large tree roots.

With each step, he had to watch that he didn’t crack his head on an overhanging branch.

The boy was nimble, so he didn’t have a misstep and he made running a fast exercise.

The trail was worn, so that helped him.

Finally, he had to stop to catch his breath. He bent forward at the waist and placed his hands on his knees and spent several minutes gulping air.

He walked…

I think I decided to go with "Wrike" as my product manager. It meets my criteria 1. FREE 2. COLORFUL 3. DID I MENTION FREE?

Excellent. My memory - or at least my ability to recall where I saved important documents or thoughts [this is compounded because my 500 gig hard drive crashed and I had to replace it with a 180 gig]. The real crucifixion ocurred when I turned 69. Coincidentally this was also when I started writing on Medium. If you haven't reached that stage yet I beseech you to ignore it when it hits. You can't miss it. Not only has the brain seized up but the knees, legs, and feet are also (the neck and upper back join in this chorus if I have been banging these keys for a 12-hour shift. As we grunts were known to join the chorus during the Vietnam War "Keep on Keepin' On.




“Did you bring the gunpowder?”


I just listened to Senator Pat Toomey as Jake Tapper interviewed him on CNN.

Now, I am not a numbers guy and I certainly don’t qualify as an economist.

So, I will spill my guts on why Mr. Toomey is wrong when he takes shots at President Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposals to help our citizens through this pandemic and a tanking economy.

Mr. Toomey must have a short memory. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I recall Trumplicans giving already wealthy corporations and citizens $1.5 trillion just about a year ago.

I am pretty…

I posit: His view that meditation is not the answer true.

I push much farther back in time. Learn to let go of self thr the power and gift of Holy


The Desert Fathers and Mother prayed in a form that empties one self of self. Contemplative Prayer - quieting oneself so that we let God Speak to us. It takes much training. But no training. It is the gift of grace - God does it all or he doesn't do it at all.

Shalom (God is fighting for your peace)


You've packed a lot into this.

I am brought to ask "is this theological only"? Or are we brought to the point to undermine any "return to the way it was?"

Are we to transform the world at this time? A reset to the way the rich had become richer and the poor poorer.

Don Lemon was just talking about a man come home from battle - broken.

Shouldn't we rise up to help that 25% of the population that lives homeless?

and we had 3 sons in the Marines. I did my one year, 8 days in the Army. I tried to learn String Bass in high school band. No strength, no time, and not the brain. I played tuba and recording bass.

We both landed on Click Up I guess. I never like Evernote but did try Notion and others for a while. Shoot I was going to recommend something to you but I forgot (I'm coming from Trello, Penzu, Tosdoist.I was really encouraged when I read that TodoIst has integrated with lots of other apps. But I am trying to simplify my publications and Blogger sites so I can focus better and maybe find some followers. If you get a minute break I'd appreciate it you would please. I really enjoy your writing - topics and style.

Thanks, Craig

How long will you keep doing this?

Techno Wallpaper
Techno Wallpaper
Image Techno Graphics in 2021

I have had it!

Partisan politics? How about assassination?

Republitrumpies fight before anything has been presented to talk about!

And what they are bitching about, they were doing full tilt only a month before.

I have been eagerly watching the machinations. Poverty in the U.S. cut in half?

Whoever wants to fight that?


At the end of this school year, white students will be behind 8 months. Black students by 12 months.

Will inflation come roaring back?

Are we throwing too much money at the problems?

Who is fighting the past is…

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