How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image on a Northern Minnesota Lake? The mosquitoes are about ready to come for you blood!
How about an image of Sunset on a Northern Minnesota Lake. The mosquitoes are about ready to come for your blood!

Love in the air

Love story Image: Google Image
Love story Image: Google Image

Leaves in the full splendor of their fall colors. Image Google Images.


The boy ran through the forest, jumping over the large tree roots.

With each step, he had to watch that he didn’t crack his head on an overhanging branch.

The boy was nimble, so he didn’t have a misstep and he made running a fast exercise.

The trail was worn, so that helped him.

Finally, he had to stop to catch his breath. He bent forward at the waist and placed his hands on his knees and spent several minutes gulping air.

He walked…

Not long ago I wish I'd have kept the citation for this. Republicans used to believe in a college education.

Within span of t years that spun to almost nothing.

Another option if you don't have a Mac. Download the free app "". If you have other imaging software on you computer: when the picture is on your desktop, right-click to bring up the context menu and select "open with" and click on The fourth item in from the left is "image". Select and scroll down to resize.

Several options are available such as: lock height & width; quality; pixels or inches; etc.

“Keep the tiny humans alive”

PUBLISHED ON December 16, 2017



Image of a full moon of the bridge and bay at Duluth MN Image by Duke Skorich
Image of a full moon of the bridge and bay at Duluth MN Image by Duke Skorich
Full Moon over the Bridge & the Bay at Duluth MN Image: Duke Skorich

Why the image of festive holiday lights when we are talking about BLOOD MONEY and BLOOD DIAMONDS?

First, to brag about Duluth MN, and Lake Superior.

Second, a special sneak preview of “THE VIETNAM WAR” The epics PBS Documentary Film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick premiered on Sunday, September 10th at the Duluth Depot prior to its Nationwide Debut on September 17, 2017.


The theme for Today! Why…

Darryl, I would include reading.

The best college class I took was speed reading. I had always been a voracious reader.

Regretfully, (regretably?) I didn't pass that on to my pass as a hardf and fast "LEARN THIS"

Mike Pence & Jan 6, 2021


Have you been watching the Insurrection hearings?

I have been catching a few minutes here and there.

I have believed that Trump was guilty since I saw the video on that day.

Today the gross incompetence of our senators. The real heroes are the police and troops. Some gave an eye, some broken bones but all gave everything and stood up to the angry mob. The only one I saw that maintained his composure (and I am sure there are others) was Senator Mitt Romney.

Please put Vice President Mike Pence in this august group. He stood up to…

31 Years Later

THE INTERCEPT credit gor base story

Christopher Ketcham

FEBRUARY 4, 2021

Trump used the image of a “Hoppean snake” offering “ free helicopter rides”

This program turns the “free ride” into a fast return to earth without a chute.

Image of Pinocet, dicator of Chile
Image of Pinocet, dicator of Chile

Far-right extremists flash the snake on flags, T-shirts, anything that will hold an image, at Trump rallies “share obsessively online.

The “frightening historical reference is that of the “The Hoppean Snake.”

The image is of a coiled snake on the officer’s cap of cruel. Dictator Chilean General Augusto Pinochet. …

“ Did you bring the gunpowder?”


I just listened to Senator Pat Toomey as he was interviewed by Jake Tapper on CNN.

Now, I am not a numbers guy and I certainly don’t qualify as an economist.

So, I will spill my guts on why Mr. Toomey is wrong when he takes shots at President Biden’s $1.9 trillion proposals to help our citizens through this pandemic and tanking economy.

Mr. Toomey must have a short memory. If my memory doesn’t fail me I recall Tumplicans giving already wealthy corporations and citizens $1.5 trillion just about a year ago.

Imafe of 1 trillion dollars
Imafe of 1 trillion dollars

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