A Dusty Road Well-Traveled by Criminals

Facts from “The Intercept.com”

October 15th, 2020

News Article by

Jim Schwarzenegger

“Losing Could Expose Trump to the courts for any number of crimes.”

“Former presidents normally don’t go to jail, but few have committed so many obvious crimes unrelated to duties in office.”


“Let’s saddle up the horses and hit trail before that varmint gets too far ahead!@”

(I think this scene contrasts nicely with his cheap, ill-fitting suits and lavender ties don’t you?)

“Ah think we shuld head for that narrow canyon down yonder.”

“No doubt it will be filled with the gang of republicrooks.”

“Ah doubt if the Senators and Representatives who ran the payola schemes for him will be out in the open.”

“But his gang of mouthpieces & scumbag lawyers will be camouflaged and ready to shoot us.”

“’Memember don’t shoot til ya see the whites of their eyes or the gleam off ‘en thar sunglasses.”

“Weeill chase them down the Hope gully then the vultures will git full bellies after we mow them down.”

“Weeeill meet at the spring at the end of the canyon for some fancy sanddwiches, ice cream, and cold beer.”

“So how’d it go?

Sharpshooter #1: “Piece of cake but I’d rather have a great cheeseburger and some red wine, if’n ya don’t mind.”

Sharpshooter #2: I think we should git sum shade this afternoon and plan how to catch the ones that slithered away.”

Sharpshooter 3:

“Yeah, we want to catch them linaning the pockets of all the presidents men with huge favors trying to keep our little game goin.”

Thanks fir stopping.


(To be continued, maybe. l have surgery in an hour but hope to not lose a my sense of humor after president golf leaves. We still have Moscow Mitch to deal with again!)

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Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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