August my computer has really screwed me over. I think I bought the e-book but I’m not sure. Would you please check for me.

I have 7 publications and I still get no traction. gaining readers but it is slow. In addition, I am moving 190+ blogs out of WordPress.

I spent several hours in the emergency room again tonite. Damn heart. The internal defib went off — 2 times in less than 5 minutes plus the damn ventricular tachycardia in between.

Also, I am still looking for an experienced hand that will check my first drafts please let me know.

Also, the guy next response down, I would love for him to write his wife stories in my publication — The Narratives — about personal stories. I see it as a Gracie and George style articles. Your thoughts?

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Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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