EXCELLENT! I believe you have nailed it — won’t that give the top- let’s call them the 1% — fits. I hope everyone understands the idiom of 1% as it is used in the U.S. I started writing for Medium in June 2019 (I actually think I had tried it earlier but there is no proof.) I took most of my toys and went home (I started 5 or 6 blogs on Bloogger). I was trying to get the posts I had written for Wordpress — about 200 — refreshed & republished. I left because I discovered how to find out I was in curation jail and how long, if ever, I would get out. I was visibly shaken. Since they wanted to keep everything secret I took most of my stuff down — about 100 new posts and left.

After a few months I missed reading some of the regulars so I started posting again.

I was going to be a good boy and play by their rules not mine. Hello curation jail again. Oh well!

But you make immense sense of what has been going on for the last year. To make the plan work, the had to change the way they paid out and then they had to test it.

That is now in place.

Soon they will have to find a way to cull the herd of slovenly beasts such as I.

They can’t afford to stop the inflow of new writers, in fact they have to increase it substantially.

They will have to decide “Will we keep culling the herd so as to keep the ruffians at bay” or “Do we keep them around and hope they don’t get bad attitudes (Casey seems to be the Cheerleader).

Interesting, very interesting Inspector!

By the way are you Inspector Clouseau or Inspector Gadget?

With utmost Sincerity,

Craig Martineau

My logo is ‘Spyman’ stupid autocorrect wanted to put in ‘Spumante’ I used to make great Spumante ice cream but that is really old school. That was pre-2000!

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Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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