Getting Organized for Medium — Part I

Jumble of items on a desktop
Jumble of items on a desktop

I started writing for Medium a few weeks ago. I had posted a few articles in days gone by. But as a serious pursuit I am a newbie.

Today I realized there were “Publications” within Medium to post to!

What got me started on this post was an article I read earlier today by a doctor. He had 5 exciting insights on how to structure my journey on Medium.

So, I finished rearranging my desktop — on my computer — there is no hope for my actual desktop. It looks almost like the image above.

I had three folders that I could drop files in to read later such as “How to Write a Blog” and “Grammer Issues”. Each folder must have had at least 50 articles in it. Not a very practical way to go back and find something.

It is also not conducive to “clapping” as the doctor suggested when I read a post I liked. I can do that from a .pdf fil. I click on the title of the post at the bottom of a page and Adobe Acrobat opens it right to the site, author, and article. It is much easier than typing all the text into Google Search.

You can Google Adobe Acrobate Pro and find an inexpensive version out there now. Just make sure you research the seller. I bought Version 11 about 4 or 5 years ago for $150. It is worth every penny. It is without a doubt the app I use most of the time.

So, to get organized I had to deal with those massive folders.

Having been in the practice of making a folder for each of my blog posts, (I am down to 3 of my own) I thought I should have a folder for each publication I want to write to. I will make a folder for the images and another for the articles, maps and research.

Those two items, research and finding suitable images, take up most of my time. I used Google Images and Unsplash for most images.

Yesterday a Medium article had many more sites so they are bookmarked on my Google Chrome. Most have Creative Commons licenses so they are free to use.

At one time I made exclusive postcards for Christmas. My vision was that people would visit my site, choose the image they wanted and I would add their text to make it more personal.

Then I did the research. The greeting card industry had tanked. Not only do paper cards have only a tiny market share but even the ecards are not a hot item. But hey, I wasted only 3 or 4 weeks testing all the moving parts. I can spend a whole day looking at Unsplash and Pixabay.

Once, in an earlier life I wanted to be a photographer. That was 50 years ago! I was in the Army and purchased a 35 mm camera at the PX, a Yashica TL Electro X. That sounded pretty fancy back then. It took amazing pictures compared to our Kodak and Polaroid.

We were newleyweds (I received my draft notice the day we got back from our honeymoon!).

I eventually could afford to add a telephoto lens. It weighed about 50 pounds so I added a tripod. Isn’t it amazing how “hobbies” can turn into such money pits?

I got a lot of use out of my camera until our youngest son got his hands on it. He loved taking things apart. It was the putting back together that caused him some difficulty especially the leaf shutter. That was way above his proficiency level. He was about 8 or 9 then.

It turned out OK though. I had reached the age where image stabilization was getting to be a major consideration I needed in a camera. I started to get the “shakes” like my Dad. Not much fun for photography.

I entered 20 pictures in a contest I thought were deserving of a “Special Mention”. No hope there. Oh well. On to some other project. I remember now. I got addicted to growing roses. In Northern Minnesota. That was a money pit.

But I’d better get back to the point or you won’t come back and visit because I don’t write what I promised. Is that a lie? Or just malfeasance? Maybe just a come-on?

I now have folders on topics I want to write about. One of my favorite pastimes is to shoot spitballs at Trump and his cronies so I have a special folder for him. Another is Veteran’s issues. I am a Vietnam era vet. Another on Live Your Life on Purpose and 20 other folders. Do you think I will keep them organized?

The next post is short. I promise I won’t punish you this hard again.

Thanks for joining me.

Craig Martineau

a beautiful hybrid tea
a beautiful hybrid tea

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