Getting Organized for Medium-Part II

A Desk stacked and littered with folders and papers
A Desk stacked and littered with folders and papers

Last post I told how I had to whip myself into action to make folders on my computer so would have a fighting chance of staying in organized.

My computer desktop would be hopeless if I didn’t cheat a little. I have an a app to make icons so that each folder has its own “look”.

My computer desktop with custom icons
My computer desktop with custom icons
Custom Icons from one app — My Right Monitor

Some other wondrous and awesome tools I use are three monitors (a laptop and 2–24 inch stand alone monitors.

I use a video adapter so I can run all three simultaneously. I am sure the adapter is a lot cheaper than when I bought mine.

This picture didn’t come out as clear as I had hoped. Both apps I use were being obstinate and I couldn’t get them to work. One is a Microsoft app called a “snipping tool”. The other is “Nimbus Screen Capture” which you can use a selection of tools.

Other tools I couldn’t write without in addition to Adobe Acrobat Pro that I mentioned earlier. Please check out Pro Writing Aid not only does it correct your mistakes — writing, grammar, it can correct them if you click on the error it presents!

Word Counter is another invaluable tool. It does some of what Pro Writing Aid does but it is free and gives you a neat little report. You’ve got to try it. Free and Awesome.

Image of Word Counter free tool
Image of Word Counter free tool
Word Counter — Free Tool

I find that one of the hardest parts of writing is images. Make sense?

Painting a picture with words is one thing. Finding an image to match the words…whoa is that a challenge.

I use several tools to assist me.

First are the images of other photographers such as, Pixabay, Pixieset. Last week I read a post on Medium that listed another 10 sites like these. I checked out a few and not all images are free. You must look for those that are have Creative Commons Licenses or you will get nipped for a small fee.

Then there are tools that help with an image, such as labeling it, or resizing it. I prefer I don’t know how most of the functions work but ones I use most often I just listed.

Another tool I use frequently is It is a product of Autodesk. For years I used the desktop app but since they have just come out with Pixlr X. I have switched to using the web app. I use this for just one purpose to crop images. Fast, easy, simple just like that! Excess area is snipped away.

While I use to resize images I use Optimizer to resize images. One makes the images bigger or smaller the other sheds excess weight. I test Optimizer once and it took an image from 50mb down to about 10mb.

Google doesn’t like it when you leave each image at original face value. Also it you don’t put images on a diet they take longer to load, especially on mobile devices. You are putting yourself at risk for your reader to just move onto a different document to read. This test of my site was 3 seconds and Google didn’t like it. Google was looking for 2.5 seconds.

If your site loads in 3 seconds or more your reader is off to read someone else’s work. At the above site Google will show you several tools to use to measure loading speeds.

This site will show you how to load faster in 2019.

A heavyweight image app is Irfanview. It comes in 32 or 64 bit versions. My son say to use the 32 bit version but I just pick one and go. This is close to professional editing image software and it is FREE! This app will translate almost any image file into almost any other one. It will even make icons but I use a different app for that.

If you can find that exact image you are looking for perhaps you can make it using Microsoft Publisher. I love this app and it is easy to use.

Another extremely useful app is Zoho Projects. Of course you can make a project tracking file using Excel but I like a Project apps. Also, Zoho comes with a lot of additional apps. I think Zoho costs around for $15 for a domain and email.

Have you run into a situation where you are filing in a form and it is imperative to usea business email but you don’t have one? Use Zoho to build your own email for your business. Inexpensive, fast and it gives you a lot of flexibility!

Thanks for joining me.

Craig Martineau

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dkly bird

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