I need to tell you a tail — no a tale

I found another app that supplies my writing

I found an app again. Last week I had to rebuild my computer — just as I was trying to write this extremely terrifying blog post — Apocalypse Now Final Cut.

I hope you will stop buy and read it. I brought back memories for me. I spent three days on it without sleep but I think the pains in my stomach had more to do with the not sleeping part.

But if you read it all will be put into context. And I don’t want to spoil even one second of it for you — especially those under 50, or is that just a make believe cut off?

My point tonight, I was looking for an app on my computer and I couldn’t find it so I thought I must not have reloaded it.

As I was reading its features I thought maybe other writers could make use of this tool also.

Rescue Time is the name. Tracking all of your time while online is its game.

I check it every week. Tonight something seemed missing so I went looking.

I think most people would use it to say “Wow, that’s how much time I spent online last week?”

I view it differently.

I use it too make sure I spent enough time online. Say what?

I have to do tons of research before I write a blog post since most of mine are fact based. I also have to make sure my memory is correct. I think a nurse or doctor re-wired my brain wrong in one of the four trips to the hospital in the last month or so.

Anyway, I will provide a link to the download and to one or two other timers.

I like the Pomodoro timers but they are too complicated for this addled brain. I need something that I don’t have to think about. Like using just one app to crop pictures as I mention in an earlier blog. I need an photo app that does a lot of things but I don’t want to hunt thru reams of information just to crop a picture and I sure don’t need another app on my computer.

So I use Pixlr.com. It is an online app that does almost everything you need a photo app to do. But I can upload a picture and in two or three clicks it is cropped and back on my desktop ready for use.

Google keeps dinging me because my photos are big enough, they want at least 1200 pixels wide I think. I haven’t figured out how to answer them. They also want me to update my Google My Business blog too. Not sure how that is going to happen anytime soon though.

But I whipped this together thinking I may save somebody time from what they may be using to track time now.

rescue time logs

The Google Watcher

The Pomodoro Timers

I think there was another Time Doctor or something but it wasn’t free.

Rescue Time logo — tracks your time online too make sure you are getting enough research done.
Rescue Time logo — tracks your time online too make sure you are getting enough research done.
Rescue Time logo — this app tracks your online time for good or ill

Written by Craig Martineau

Time is of the essence in writing. Put in the time or you won’t earn a dime.

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