I write 11 blogs (7 publications on Medium). I have been researching the 4th Industrial Revolution since mid-2015. I have written several posts on the coming changes in the Medical field. As an example, a company by the name of Magic Leap (and you can go to an ATT store to check this out or so they say) Surgeons using VR goggles and the Leap software can see the blood veins and nerves in the body. the software will even tell the surgeon where to make the incision and the surgeon can record his actions while he is cutting. My heart is almost a crispy critter. On November 4th I spent over 1 1/2 hour screaming at the top of my lungs because of Ventricular Tachycardia. 1 1/2 hours. A cardiologist showed up in the ER and gave me two injections of lidocaine and boom it started to work. The ER doctor wanted to defibrillate me. He tried three times. I said absolutely not. After they defibbed me on Nov 14 last year I had PTSD for 6 months until my psychiatrist finally found the right meds This Nov 14 I turned 70 years old. Last night my defib (it in internal due to infections in my legs) went off twice in less than 5 minutes. I went to the ER (ambulance only cost $2,000 trip) they couldn’t find anything wrong. But the shock is over 80 joules. 5 Joules is roughly the equivalent of the power of 5 thumps on the chest. So the equivalent research I found said that a defib is like getting hit by 40 people at the same place in the heart at one time. It hurts like hell. In the ER they use 360 joules to get your heart started again. My heart is now crispy enough that I need an ablation — they cut out the dead tissue with a laser. I served in the US Army at Fort McClellan AL the home of the US Chemical Corps. Monsanto made dioxin (Agent Orange) just outside the gates. They closed the fort in 1999 due to dioxin contamination. I have diabetes and heart disease which are presumptive results from dioxin exposure. I haven’t found any attorneys that will take my case yet. It has been a long time since I was in the Army. But the VA is like an insurance company — their job is to NOT payout on claims. It wasn’t until last Feb 2019 that Congress authorized paying claims to the blue water Navy, the ships that offloaded supplies and live ammunition (onto the heads of the Vietnamese). This is all comparatively minor. My job in the Army was to feed the machine. The machine demanded fresh meat and blood every day. So I sent hundreds of US troops to their deaths, maybe more. That gets harder to live with each year. A Marine ambulance tech told me today, I was just doing what I was told to do. It doesn’t mean anything. I still have to live with it. I don’t have many posts on Medium at the moment because I am transferring my files from my WordPress site dabblerduckbutts.com to Medium and my 4 Blogger posts. Then I lose days at a time when my heart decides to play tickles with me.

I hope I wasn’t too harsh but Vietnam has been over for over 40 years and people still don’t know anything about it. One of the last times I was in the hospital an Army Special Forces guy was familiar with Agent Orange. His job was to lay in the jungles of Columbia and assassinate drug lords. Helicopters would fly overhead and drop Agent Orange to defoliate the jungles just as they did in Vietnam. Monsanto is getting beat up in the civilian world also. Roundup is similar to Agent Orange. It is now killing civilians.


Agent Orange Patch
Agent Orange Patch

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