It Wasn’t the Pangolin’s Fault — Trust Me

Craig Martineau
2 min readJun 14, 2023

The Final, Final Answer I hope

Image of a Pangolin Images Tikki Hollywood Trust
A Pangolin Hiding Images: Tikki Hollywood Trust

So much has been written about how the coronavirus got started. But the FBI and the Department of Energy were no slouches. They predicted that “Patient One” was a Chinese research scientist in a lab in Wuhan, China.

The wet markets in Wuhan were the accused for almost 3 years. The Wuhan Institute was guilty, as many sought to blame everyone else.

The poor pangolin.

Image: Tikki Hollywood Trust
Image: Tikki Hollywood Trust

This story was broken by Michael Schellenberger in his article, "The First Person Sickened By COVID-19 Was A Chinese Scientist Who Oversaw “Gain of Function” Research That Created the Virus.

Sometimes we just have to wait for the evidence to make sense. That would behoove about 30 million people today.

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PS: I was going to link to all of my stories regarding SARS, but I just finished an article by Linda Caroll. She was pretty settled on the fact that we shouldn’t load up links at the end of our stories. I always do what Linda says!



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