Ms. Moran

Excellent repartee. Your class act and sharp, sometimes humorous wit is not seen nor heard enough these days. I believe that is why it is not recognized as an excellent discussion.

I too use May 4 in a blog post “Blood Money, keep the tiny humans alive”. I don’t think that even is you sang “4 died at O_H_I_O” people would have caught the meaning. 28 National Guardsmen fired 67 bullets, killed four and wounded 9 others. One of those killed was not among the protesters. The real tragedy was that in 1967 2,500 soldiers (not Guardsmen) met 100,000 protesters and didn’t fire a shot. In fact, the March on the Pentagon followed poet Allen Ginberg’s hope that protesters would bring Masses of Flowers, i.e. the first day of ‘FLOWER POWER’ Photographer Marc Riboud caught Jan Rose putting flowers in the rifles of the soldiers.

Excellent, excellent, excellent. Thank you.

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