I just rewrote this post after more sleep. Hopefully it is now finished.

The story starts on a dark Sunday night in August.

It was the witching hour. How do I know?

Why else would I be thinking of GOBLINS and GHOSTS?

But wait. I realized it wasn’t Halloween yet.

Maybe because the night time temperature fell into the 50s.

It had been in the 70s at night for almost 2 full months.

The day time temps went for 30s into the 80s and a few n90s.

Sorry wrong story. I guess I haven’t recovered from the witching hour.

After a 3 day all dayer have you woken up and did not know how screwed up your are?

Sunday night — I took an assignment to write a book review.

First one — no pressure!

I started to read the book while taking notes. Good start man!

Then I got a note saying I had started to check out a book but hadn’t finished.

Bummer. I was just getting into what might be I thriller — “The Expansion.”

Did everybody just see the news flash from Google?

Russian capable bombers flying close to Alaska! I think that’s what it said.

Now THAT is dangerous. About 3AM I finished reading “The Sum of All Fears” by Tom Clancy. Very old school but the plot is predominant not the special effects. Deja Vu? True Story!

One of my son’s got that for his Uncle when he owned a pizza shop. Awesome pizza! Awesome poster — Snooping binging on pop and pizza.

Okay, this “off-focus” is intentional. I read a post last week that said Mindfulness and Contemplative Prayer are the same. I know I shouldn’t call anyone out so I won’t mention a name (besides I don’t remember it) but… Those are two traditions on either side of the spectrum — not even CLOSE! I have taught Contemplative Prayer (Centering Prayer) and I had started Mindfulness Class.

The Veterans Administration has an app that military personnel can use to help overcome PTSD. You can load it on a smartphone and have it in place at the ready. My opinion, after what they have experienced in combat they should be using Centering Prayer. It is an ancient Christian tradition to find yourself in God. “Peace at Last”.

Okay back to the story. I just woke up from a 3 hour nap — that’s about 12 hrs of sleep in 14 hours.

Crash time is Over!

So that is my conclusion.

To overcome a sleep crash from working on 1 hour of sleep in 24 hours- sleep for 12 hours out of 14 and you’ll be good to go!

Craig Martineau

Red Rose — Thanks for joining me!
Red Rose — Thanks for joining me!
Thanks for joining me!

Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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