You just give it up. Quit trying to find 10,000 votes here or there.

You don’t have a chance anymore.

You don’t even have to concede.

Just recall your henchmen from their appointed rounds.

I can’t wait to have a steady hand on the helm instead of your chaotic wackiness.

Maybe we will start the function again instead of your shaky personality at the command center.

You caused me such angst over the last four years (& my body is not appreciating having to go under the knife today that I am going to let you have my fist right in your nose.

I am not going to make things up, but this list is going to impress any Democrat.

Since the Senate and House Republicrooks are going to plant bombs all over, I will let you have the shrapnel.

I am going to the website of the American

OK, that website is the address of the site that spells out all the charges that Trump escaped.

I laid it out so you can peruse the articles that interest you.

Image for post
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I recommend reading the article “Legal scholars on counting every vote.”

“The Criminal President” published in The New York Times 5/17/19.

“DOJ’s Inspector General Report.”

“Myths and Facts for Russia Inquiry,”

December 10, 2019.

“The Impeachment Inquiry Into President Trump.”

Stark Contrasts Between the Mueller Report and Attorney General Barr’s Summary.

If nothing else, I recommend scanning the headlines of the article so you are familiar with the scope of the last four years.

Thanks for stopping.


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