I found a way to enter a second comment!

I understand. It took me a while to get me head into my brains!!

Got sidetracked again. I sure wish I had my memory back!

So, I went to my Wordpress site. I don’t think many of my posts are on Medium.

To make my argument I needed all of my ammunition — dry hopefully.

The reason (s) I talk about revolution is the nature and state of the United States of America.

There are those of us who grew in the 1950s or earlier.

The citizens were not, for the most pluralistic. At least in the small town in Northern Minnesota where I grew up.

There were rich people. There were poor people. There were working-class people (such as my family). No extra money floating around, dad worked two jobs and mom worked as a nurse. Seven kids tearing up the place.

We didn’t go hungry.

A brother went into the Navy. I went into the Army. My sister married an Air Force guy and spent their time in Germany. Their kids went into the Air Force.

My point is that people were more cohesive: in income, in values, in actions.

Similarity breed familiarity. I kinda knew what each shop owner believed by the way he talked and acted.

I knew the people to stay away from by the way they talked and acted.

Everyone knew their civics because we talked about government and had similar views.

That is why I was caught so off-guard by 2016.

Who are these people? Did I go to school with them? Where did they come up with these crazy ideas?

So know we have a society so fractured there really is not much common ground.

Whatever is common is easily shattered by a misinterpreted word or even body language.

How can I talk ideas of freedom, responsibility, equality when you don’t believe blacks or Asians deserve to be in this country.

You don’t believe that people should get government assistance — but you do.

I don’t know how we can put this country back together again.

And it is going to get worse and the election draws close. Trump has his people preparing the ground for scorched earth.

If you don’t vote for him and your neighbors find out — you could be in grave danger.

How are we going to vote?

If trumpers go crazy over wanting to go to a bar (i.e. Wisconsin) we are going to need the National Guard to police the polling places.

I watched Van Jones Show where he invited progressives and trumpers to get together, divide into groups, and talk. Just talk.

It seemed to work. But that would take 50 years to work through all of the classes and divisions.

I have spent 3 years wondering how we are going to pull this off. Is Biden strong enough to do it?

I really don’t know.

As soon as the country is open he has got to his butt and those of his surrogates out in the fields and cornrows.

I put some links below I hope they work. They look weird.


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