Thanks for writing this.

I have been debating going back to the old ways.

When handheld calculators came out I thought one would be great for inventory. After the first pass, it ended up in a drawer.

My first task would be to learn how to write legibly. I cannot write read my read even 5 minutes later.

I found some leather-bound journals that are awesome. They don’t have paper but use cotton ragg pages instead.

Awesome smoothness.

Then I bought an expensive pen — well expensive to me. A Yutan for $15.00. Nice weight and flow.

Now I just have to break the terrible habit of typing into a keyboard and watch the letters fly by. Or get crossed out and start over.


Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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