Trump’s Dynasty — A Failed State

Craig Martineau
5 min readDec 24, 2020

What are your thoughts?


A crowd of Trumplicans — source unknown

Is Trump trying to hold on to the presidency?

It depends.

The presidency for a time. The time needed to set up Don Jr., Ivanka and Jared, and Eric as a dynasty.

Yes, it is possible to do.


He is using every wiggle, every shape shift, and side shift to help his roller coaster to flatten the line so he can achieve his goal of a dictatorship.

He has the piss to do it, I am just not convinced that he has the vinegar! What do you think?

The real sad story is one quarter of a million people that have died from COVID-19. He doesn’t even acknowledge them!

By Christmas it will be over 300,000. By the inauguration the dead will pile up to be over 400,000!

Can you stomach that? Or can you now say, “Enough is Enough.”

Remember that is more people than have died in all of our wars and it has only been 11 months.

Are you going to be one of those that dies all alone, without being able to say goodbye to your parents, your spouse, your children, your friends?

Trump has not given a damn about the people that have died so far why would he change now.

Two things he needs to occur: poverty and chaos/confusion.

What will he get for his conniving and abuse of power?

A Country, the United States of America!

Even worse are the Republican Senators and Representatives that are spouting his lies and confusion to aid him.

I have written two articles in the last weeks. One discussed the money he owes to Russia. The second was his activities with the Russian Jewish Mafia and the mob bosses in the US.

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