Very Enlightening. Such Deep Struggles. I have belonged to a Church Group in Lutheranism is it called Via de Christo (Life with Christ). In the Baptist tradition, it is called Walk to Emmaus. It is the Catholic tradition and Methodist.

They have involved me in Contemplative Prayer, (Centering Prayer) and Lectio Divina.

Both traditions have fulfilled and engaged me to be responsible for my fellow man.

My health is declining and I use that as an excuse. But I cannot imagine the struggles these people have gone thru. And continue to go thru.

But I know that God tests us — not for his sake but for ours. So we know what we believe. Our life is a journey with Jesus not a single photo but an ongoing video. We can try to use just one scene but that is just fooling yourself.

St. John of the Cross said that once you have prayed in the ancient traditions of Contemplative Prayer and Lectio Divina and quit is very difficult to go back. It is so sad.

But as Christians, we must pray for each other, even if we don’t agree with everything another says. We remember that a person has a relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Church a person attends does not save him or her. It is the Truth in Christ that matters. Jesus gave his life for us, each of us and we need to treat that act of total sacrifice with love and tenderness.

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