trump picture “Yes we klan” Annie Spratt
trump picture “Yes we klan” Annie Spratt
Annie Spratt Unsplash

I was awake most of the night drumming my fingers on my bald head.

Some of you may be aware that I have been wrestling with inner demons for the last three years.

How are we ever going to rescue our country?

The arrival of the virus raised my hopes. Finally, something we can all get behind and work together towards resolving.

It is now about 6 to 8 weeks later and everything has fallen apart.

I have the ability to write a somber, no News is bad news or all News is bad news article.

Hang on this is going to be messy.

By tomorrow morning May 12, 2020, more than 81,000 people will have died. 81,000 People! Not animals PEOPLE!

By Memorial Day over 100,000. By the 4th of July over 130,000.

People scoffed at me when I predicted, based on the numbers by Tomas Pueyo that 2 million would be infected and over 250,000 would die.

But I have a secret!

I know the current state of Americans’ hearts.

I read over the weekend that people from other countries were in disbelief at our state of affairs.

I am not. I have been banging my tinpot since 2015 forecasting that this AND MUCH WORSE is in store.

It can all be laid at the feet of one man.

Did he create the situation? No.

But he did raise it up as something worthy of being copied.

If we had a bad taste in our mouth this would surely make it sweet again was his promise.

One man kept hammering, hammering away and some people started to follow him.

Then more and more followed creating an uproar that could be heard all across this land.

Another serious fissure opened in 2016.

About 24% of eligible voters decided to sit out the election of 2016. Instead of pitching in to help solve a problem they wanted to sit and pout.


The fascist has made his bed and he is now crawling into yours.

You don’t believe me.

You don’t have to. Because he is here whether you like it or not.

About 70 years ago America led the world in getting rid of the fascist dictators.

And yet here they are again.

During the last 3 years, men of weak or no integrity did not do the job they took an oath and swore to do.

You know who they are and you know how to dispose of them.

It will be too late.

But it is what you deserve.

I say that knowing full well I will be mocked and worse.

I have been repeating myself and listening to responses for about 4 years.

I know people that served in the uniformed services who took the same oath I did. Yet, for their own selfish reasons, they stomped on their oath and voted for the fascist.

How they could that I don’t understand.

But you now are privileged to pay the price.

If you are one of those that just had to go to the beach, just had to have a party you realize what you have done.

Three times in the last week more than 2,000 people died per day!

So now this country is back to exponential increases in the rate of infections AND DEATHS.

And now children are going to be caught up in this web you spun.

If you had but put your own family at risk. But no, you make everybody share in your stupidity.

I am going to ask Tomas Pueyo to recalculate his forecast.

I do not believe that we will see the decline in August.

I do not think we will see an increase in the fall.

I think we will see the increase now and it will continue until a vaccine is found. Maybe in 12 months. Maybe longer.

Thanks for stopping.

Craig Martineau

May 11, 2020

Written by

Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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