You sure can quote any part.

You are 788,988 days old? I am not sure of my math. 20200205-19411207=

It sure doesn’t seem right but it seems to me that is the way we had to do it in the Army??

I enjoyed your article, I even (dang, I spilled water on my keyboard and now my “v” doesn’t work right!).

I disagree on two points: “Voters will decide who is telling the truth” and

trust in the “voting public”.

I have to finish my article on “Trump Fear ???? “ don’t have a finished title yet. I used to use “Trump’s Deep State” but it didn’t score high enough on the tool I use to validate headlines.

Anyway, I was 70 years very old on November 14, 2020 (1949 year of birth). so you have 8 years or so on me. I sure hope you are in better health than 1.

I finally found a reference to Ft McClellan AL re: contamination (of dioxin). They were awarded a 600 million settlement — which hasn’t been paid yet :_).

Keep on Keepin’ on!!

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