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“This Country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it”. Abraham Lincoln

Your Choice — Class or Industrial Revolution

I believe that America, our America, is going to be embroiled in a push back to the Fourth Industrial Revolution or a Class Revolution in the not too distant future.

As jobs disappear in the Industrial Side, Income Disparity and Inequality will be the driving force on the Class Side.

On Wednesday, December 27, 2017, Frida Ghitis, a well-known and accomplished producer and writer published an article on CNN “10 Questions That Could Keep You Up At Night in 2018”

However, I am more interested in the response to that article at the moment. The person that posted was not identified so I will have to trust that it is a legitimate person or not a robot.

miscreantsall is the poster:

“Drumpf is just getting started and it is very clear that the architecture of our Democratic Republic and our Constitution are not strong enough to STOP this perfect storm of all the worst elements of human governments (socialism, communism, fascism, capitalism, monarchism, etc.) to merge and destroy the United States of America (as we know it).

About 25% of eligible American Voters are enabling and keeping this megalomaniac in office.

The 25% of American voters allowed this because of apathy, laziness, indifference, false confidence, presumptions, irresponsibility, and outside forces (voter suppression) preventing or making it extremely difficult to vote.

Perhaps American deserves exactly what it is getting. What Drumpf got away with in New York before his campaign is the stuff of LEGENDS. He now has been given the reins to make that LEGEND reach out into eternity and the Cosmos.

The obvious damage (deregulation, deconstruction, etc.) is known and many pundits believe, can be reversed. There are MULTITUDES of damages that are being done under the radar and underreported or NOT reported at all.

Now that they have their tax bill and their campaign contributors appeased, the Congressional Republicans will focus on retaining control of the Congress and find reasons NOT (my edit) to remove Trump, before Americans remove them for supporting him.

Trump will do what he can to start a war with whomever he can maneuver into the position of his foe of the moment.

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My Response

Whew! That is a lot of stuff in a few paragraphs. But this person (whom I don’t know by the way) has written eloquently of the things I have tried to put pen to paper since this election.

My thinking is even direr. I have believed and I have said so loudly and often (see my blog at ‘’)is channeling Adolf Hitler. My blog post “Who is this Man?” deals specifically with these issues.

I am not going to go down that road at this time. Nor am I going to delve into the topics that the unknown writer broaches that I don’t know a thing about such as what Trump “got away with in New York”.

I know of a few things like money laundering, collusion with the mob, indictment, and conviction regarding a hotel, etc. Those, while noteworthy, are not in my line of sight.

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In 2016 Robert J. Gordon, a professor of macroeconomics at Northwestern wrote a book “The Rise and Fall of American Growth: The U.S. Standard of Living since the Civil War.” He challenges the view that American growth will remain at the same pace as it had from the Civil War to 1970 (1870 to 1970).

Of course, every economist has a personal view, if not a personal stake, in the matter. Bill Gates agrees with the first 80% of the book. Paul Krugman gives it a big ‘Maybe’.

After all the GREAT inventions (1870 TO 1970) and then the GREAT exploitations of those inventions came between 1920 and 1970.

I think that the fall of the great American growth engine started in 2017, the first year of trump (as is my habit I use my framing of his name — a small ‘t’ rather than a capitalized one.)


There will be millions of you that say I am crazy. The economy is roaring in Mid-2019. The wealthy are enjoying massives increases in wealth.

Jeff Bezos began 2019 with $140 billion. By April he was worth $162.25 billion. What more can he ask?

With staggering growth like that he should be able to maintain his standing as the world’s richest man for a while yet.


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American has roundly maintained its grip on power since around 1970 (I might as well maintain the timeline we started with) since this was the start of the inequality in terms of economic power.

American ran roughshod over some countries and many of its own citizens. As far as nations I am thinking of Cambodia and some South American countries.

As far as its own citizen's let us start with blacks. Even after the Lyndon Johnson presidency with its Civil Rights Act of 1960 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 blacks, Native Americans, Asians did not have equal power of the white population.

The middle class was able to hold onto to its class status until
Reagan but then the wealth generators of America started to dry up.

In 2017 Trump made a first big blunder by canceling TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This started the erosion of America’s authority in the world. He ceded the trade with the Pacific Rim countries to China. America started to abdicate its economic power and moral authority that it had achieved in the 70 years since the end of WWII. In the guise of “Make America Great Again” that which made America great has been jettisoned over the gunwales of the ship of state.

The nations that were going to join American in the TPP went ahead and did the deals on their own. Who needs the United States?

The next big blunder was withdrawing the US from involvement in the Paris Accord. Climate change continues to march on, even accelerate and the US is mindlessly playing tiddle de winks. No moral authority left here. And the progress the US had made in ramping up industries to combat climate change have been left to straddle the deepening swamp without any incentives to assist it in fending off China and other nations.

In the seventy years since the end of WWII, the US had been at the forefront of the stability, the innovations, the organizations, the sense of partnership and accomplishment that fueled the nations of the world.

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Now? Fragments of that leadership remain. The future of the world is now left to fascists and dictators looking out for only how they can get rich of their countrymen.

His third-biggest blunder was mocking NATO. The citizens of those countries are no longer in partnership with the US. They shake their heads as this madman propels America toward fascism.

Of course, the Republican Party has sunk to trump’s level of gross banality. They hard panting so hard to accomplish their oft-stated goals: KILL ACA, KILL MEDICAID, KILL MEDICARE, KILL SOCIAL SECURITY.

Americans will be paying a huge price for letting the madman rampage his way thru destroying the America that existed on January 19, 2017.

No good will come of his moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. He did not gain anything from it and now Americans in the future will have to battle the Arabs ire knowing that America’s word can not be trusted.

Giving Saudi Arabia the means to construct nuclear weapons will be a profound scourge on the rest of the world. Saudi Arabia is already building the nuclear power generation facilities that it needs. Building nuclear weapons does not need to be a part of that progress.

I am not discounting all of his actions to undo the Clean Air, Clean Water and other preservation actions that had successfully employed.

I remember that when my bride and I moved to Duluth, the fish in the St. Louis River were inedible. The time spent fishing below the damn was wasted because you couldn’t eat the fish. I do not fish anymore so I don’t know the current state of that environment but it causes me concern.

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The follow-on to trump’s re-polluting of our lakes, rivers and nationally protected lands will be so horrific, I don’t have the knowledge to evaluate.

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The overarching blunder of trump has been the saber-rattling of a misshapen, misguided provocateur intent on defacing the humanity of the planet.

Part II will follow later this week.

Craig Martineau

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Retired. I write about Current Events, Personal Experiences on Medium, on Blogger with several sites, WordPress, Substack and Gumroad.

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